How to Select Device Type

How to Get Device MAC

1. Face Camera J1


P/N: iHD23, iHD23-3611, iHD23-0922

Features: IR Bullet with zoom lens


P/N: iHD26-4G

Features: Support 4G network, fixed or zoom lens


P/N: DC-DO2JD0922-POE (iHD35-0922), DC-DO2JD3611-POE (iHD35-3611)

Features: IR doom camera with fixed or zoom lens


P/N: iHD43

Features: Shelf camera with fixed lens


P/N: iHD92

Features: POS camera with fixed lens

2. Face Camera Z1

P/N: iDC-DO2ZD1200-POE

Features: Fixed lens, support P2P remote video play.

3. Face Camera Z2

P/N: DC-BO2ZD12-wifi

Features: Support WiFi connection, support P2P remote video play, support video local storage and playback.